Scrub Care Unit’s 2018 Gathering Recap

Our homies at the Scrub Care Unit had an extremely successful stay at this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos!  Bob Adams, co-founder of the SCU, put together a brief write-up stating how things went for them this year, thanking a few people, and letting Juggalos know of things coming down the pipeline.

Before I post that though, I want to extend a HUGE Thank you to Bob, John, and everyone who helps with the Scrub Care Unit.  Though we don’t advise you to come to the Gathering (or any event, for that matter) unprepared, some ninjas come with only the clothes on their backs, and that’s where the SCU comes in.  Kudos to all of them for not only working nonstop at the Gathering, but for dedicating their time, effort, and money to the cause year-round!

Now, check what Bob Adams sent in:

Fellow Juggalos, ninjas, and family,

What a great Gathering of the Juggalos we had at Legend Valley! Scrub Care Unit had its busiest year ever. Starting Monday (prior to Gathering start), SCU arrived and got our camp located and set up. We started assisting folks in the parking lot that evening and we did not stop helping the family-in-need till Sunday morning (when we had to pack up and leave).

Before we get into the highlights of SCU’s activities this year, I’d like to first call out attention to a handful of ninjas that provided much-needed support to SCU’s efforts this year:

Psychopathic Records: If you attended the auction this year you might remember that Psychopathic Records chose SCU to the be charity they donated a percentage of profits made from the auction. We were truly humbled and greatly appreciative of the financial support this year and it allowed SCU to provide much more to the family during the Gathering. Please take a moment to send a shout out to Rob and everyone at Psychopathic for their generosity and support of our efforts to help all of the Juggalo family!

Scottie D and Faygoluvers: I cannot say enough about Scotty! He has been a huge SCU supporter and is always there to help when and where needed. If I could pick a Juggalo deserving of a special award / thank you, it’s Scotty. Nothing but love for you brother! Thank you for all you do!

Patricia (Short-Shit) Lehnen and Gerald (Twiztidtat2) Lehnen: These awesome ninjas, who rep the St. Louis based “Camp Cuddy”, made and sold some dope-ass charms that they sold during the Gathering, with $1.00 per charm being donated to SCU. By themselves they raised $350.00 and donated it to SCU which in-turn helped us in a very timely manner as we had run short on both water and medical supplies. We immediately restocked our supplies and were able to continue providing that support to the family. We are truly humbled and thankful for their efforts and everyone should shout out to them as they are two truly awesome ninjas and SCU supporters! I cannot thank them enough for their efforts and their very timely support of the whole Juggalo family.

Craig/Psychopathic Traders: This ninja provided and auctioned merch with a percentage of the profits going to SCU. Additionally, he is working to organize future auction events to assist SCU’s efforts throughout the year (such as the “Feed Families for Thanksgiving” and “10 Kids/10 Bikes for Christmas”). Craig’s support and efforts are greatly appreciated and we look forward to working with him and Psychopathic Traders in the future on behalf of the Juggalo family.

Mark Brauer (the Hatpin Guy): Much love to this ninja, he provided SCU some much needed design and funding support in getting this year’s hatpin design completed, pins ordered, and initially paid for. He stepped forward and helped out in a great way and we have a great deal of appreciation to him for all his efforts. Thank you Mark!!! Love you ninja!

Artists: We have to make a shout out to some very special artists that support SCU and our efforts: Frodo the Ghost, S.C.U.M/LSP, and Sedated have very much been SCU supporters and we are working to get something organized with them for the next coming Gathering with hopes that we can work out something and get it on the Gathering Program for the upcoming 20th Gathering of the Juggalos. Please take a moment to show these great artists some love!

SCU Volunteers: I would like to take a moment to call out to some very dedicated volunteers that have given up a lot of the Gathering to help others and devote their time to those in need: John and Michelle, Dre and Crystal, Joe (Fluffy), Joe B., Thiemo, Maggie and Steven, Nose and Nick, and several others that I’m probably overlooking. SCU would not be as successful if not for our dedicated ninjas that have decided to put the family first and come to the Gathering looking to help anyone/everyone they can. I love all these ninjas and am proud to call all of them my family!

The Juggalo Family: This year, MANY Juggalos came by, helped out, donated a few bucks, or dropped off some items for SCU to provide out to the family. SO many ninjas helped out in many ways and I wish I could name everyone here, but that would take way too much room and this post has gotten to big already. Much SCU Love to everyone!

This year we were able to assist many different folks with a wide assortment of needs – from helping getting their stuff from the parking lot to their camp spot and help setting up – to helping ninjas with medical needs/injuries/Gathering related problems throughout the whole of the Gathering. Being located next to the Pendulum Stage, SCU was able to be way more effective in helping those in need. So much to touch on, but to keep this update brief I’ll just touch on the highlights:

Brief Gathering Highlights:

  • This year we served just over 2,000 hot dogs and just under 600 hamburgers, along with over 1,700 bottles of water over the course of Tuesday to Sunday for those in need.
  • We were able to help many ninja’s in need, especially our family that needed some help in setting up their camp sites or general help due to some limitations or health issues. This is way SCU is here, we are always looking for ninjas that need help.
  • SCU provided a lot of hygiene products (soap/shampoo, toothbrushes/toothpaste, towels/washcloths, and various other personal items folks need during the Gathering).
  • We came with 30 blankets and 20 sheets – all of which was given out the first day of the Gathering.
  • Provided medical assistance to ninjas with injuries, working to help them and/or get EMS services (when needed) to those that needed it.
  • Lost and Found: SCU had several items brought to our camp (from keys to backpacks), all of which we were able to successfully get back to those that lost them (Ninja’s, remember to grab your stuff from the shitters when you’re done using them 😉).
  • Congratulations to the SCRUBS on their victory at Juggalo Family Feud over Scrub Care Unit! SCU is looking forward to next year’s rematch to determine who is the champ (SCRUBS-1 / SCU-1). Bring your “A Game” next year ninjas!!!

Thank you to everyone, so many deserving recognition and appreciation. If I’ve overlooked you, please forgive me, was not intentional.

Please keep an eye out for future communications support SCU’s upcoming Feed Families for Thanksgiving and our 10 Kids/10 Bikes for Christmas. SCU is committed to continue finding ways to make a difference and helping the Juggalo Family where and when we can!

There will be more details about upcoming drives and fundraisers coming soon!  Be on the lookout!

from Faygoluvers


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