Ouija Macc’s “Offend My Eyes” T-shirt Collab Now Available [**48 Hours Only**]

Early this morning, the Ouija Macc T-shirt that was previewed last week officially went live!  It’s one of those all-over prints, and guaranteed never to fade!  The design is crazy, colorful, and sure to be a head-turner if you sport it.

Here’s the deal.  It’s only available for 48 hours!  In fact, if you’re reading this at the time that I  am posting, you’ve only got about 43 hours to pick it up!  Here are the details about it:

From OffendMyEyes.co.uk:

We teamed up with Psychopathic’s freshest artist Ouija Macc to bring you this exclusive collaboration T-shirt, whoop whoop!

limited drop

Featuring crazy, rainbow artwork across the front, back and sleeves, this limited edition T-shirt is only available for 48 hours so you better be quick ninjas

Suitable for Juggalos, Jugalettes and Non-Binary Juggs too, this T-shirt will never fade no matter how much Faygo gets thrown over it. Wear it in the dark for an extra spooky surprise…

100% official collaboration 

Limited drop for 48 hours only

Ships worldwide… no one can escape the Gutterwater takeover

Pay in your own currency; GBP, US dollars or Euros

Just a helpful tip.  When I attempted to place an order, I changed the currency to USD and it wouldn’t let me check out.  If you keep the currency as GBP, it should go through, and your bank/paypal will convert it.

Sizes available go from 2XS – 8XL.  Holy shit.   The shirts are $42.00 each, and shipping is roughly 8 bucks if you live in the United States.  So you’re looking at $50 and some change for this shirt.  Here’s the shirt one more time for you who haven’t seen it:

You can purchase the shirt here: http://www.offendmyeyes.co.uk/home/147-ouija-macc-t-shirt.html

from Faygoluvers


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