Ouija finishes “Body Drop” Music Video, Shows Off New Merch, Announces Contest for Signed Gutterwater Albums

We’ve got a GRIP of Ouija Macc info to tell you about, and I’m gonna try to cover it all in this single post!

Ouija hit me on a DM with some info he wants Faygoluvers to cover before it’s blasted out on his socials.  There’s all kinds of Ouija flavor coming down the pipeline, so check this out and get schooled:

Headed to NYC, just wrapped the “BODY DROP” shoot in Detroit w/ my loccs & I got a few announcements to make!

1) BODY DROP video soon!

2) Every song on GUTTERWATER is getting a video… what should be next?

3) I’m looking to work with dope directors with sharp editing skills, tag them in comments!

4) miracles are happening like a mf, do something kind for no reason.. or u a bitch.

5) Everyone of you who gets a new person to download my album GUTTERWATER digitally from any retailer or order the physical from will be entered to win a signed copy of GUTTERWATER from me personally along with some 1 of a kind gifts! To enter just have the people you got to download GUTTERWATER msg me a screen shot of their purchase with your @name (on Twitter/IG) and whoever has the most after 1 month will be selected! Must repost this post to qualify. I will FaceTime with the top 10 influencers!

6) Garyway, hoe.

Alright, just so you are covered for the contest, let me share some links with you:

Buy Gutterwater on CD/Digital:

I’m sure there are a million other places that you can get it, so pick your favorite outlet and snag a copy for you or a homie!

Now, just in case you aren’t following Ouija on his socials, here’s where you can send him a message with your receipt:

Finally, Ouija has collaborated with Offend My Eyes Clothing for a brand new shirt design!  It’s LOUD, and I’m sure you wouldn’t expect anything less from Ouija.  They want 1,000 retweets on this shirt before the release date drops, so let’s make that happen:

I think that covers it for now!  Look for that new Body Drop video to drop soon, and don’t sleep on reaching out to make suggestions on his next videos!

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