Novatore – “Despondent”

Despondent is Novatores 3rd full length album and is his most technical, thematically focused, and well produced project to date. The albums title is fitting as the lyrical concepts focus almost exclusively on hopelessness, isolation, addiction and depression. These themes are served to the listener from not only personal perspective but also via highly descriptive biographical stories that are influenced by real people and real events. This is not a self help album but rather a window into varying states of Despondence. With production from C-Lance, Seb the Undead, Chris Ruben, Boroda Beats, Nizuk and Nuttkase, Despondent is a powerhouse combination of dark boom bap style production, technical rhymes, and ominous lyrical content delivered in his trademark raspy vocal style.

  1. Despondent
  2. Menace
  3. Caper Crusader
  4. 3336
  5. In Hell (ft. Nightwalker and Unkle Slump)
  6. Delusion intermission
  7. Snow Removal
  8. Wildin (ft. Konsept the Emcee
  9. Enemies of God (ft. Konsept the Emcee)
  10. Prosaic
  11. Where’s My Meds?
  12. Prisoner (ft. Chris Ruben and Konsept the Emcee)

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