Michigan Underground Legend Menacide Announces Preorder Date For Book One of his double LP “Reign Supreme”


Murder Mitten Underground Veteran Emcee Menacide just announced the official preorder date for the first release of his Double LP Reign Supreme (Book One)  and it’s in just under 9 days! Friday, August, 10th! Wow! The underground scene is in such an uproar of hype right now. The proof? The release date flyer is spreading like a hip-hop Ebola bomb directly aimed at successfully snuffing out faux emcees.  The guests featuring within the record  all seem to be fully revealed on the flyer (Never know. Hidden tracks are coming back full force these days!) and it’s fresh independent flavor across the Nation! Emerg McVay, (Bionic Jive/Interscope Records), McNastee (Heavy Hittaz), Dubbs (Underground Propaganda Squad), J Reno (Tunnel Runners),  Danny Drive By, The Jokerr (Aithen), and Don Orias!

Updated:Did somebody just leak us through e-mail an authentic track listing and possible release date for this bound to be monster of a release? FLH staff will be investigating further. Stay tuned!


Here is a the art, download/stream link and title for the new free Menacide Mixtape to hold you over until Book One of Reign Supreme officially drops:

Supre-Mix (Featuring McNastee, A-Game, The Jokerr, and more!)

Download: https://mega.nz/#F!3YtV2L6R!qCorSEtuxSGO1pGJ9Ek9UA

Stream (Spotify): https://open.spotify.com/album/0oSE93FT11ykYW5Qk9HHEz


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