Liquid Assassin Leaves LSP to Pursue his 42 Records Label

Let me start out this post by saying that there is NO BAD BLOOD between Lyrikal Snuff Productionz and Liquid Assassin.  That being said, LA’s latest album KOBA fulfilled his 3 album contract, and he has decided to pursue building his own label: 42 Records.

Both LA and Scum have released statements to reiterate that there is nothing but love between LSP and Liquid Assassin, and that they would definitely be working together in the future!

You can see LA’s video statement below:

Check out Scum’s statement on the matter below.

From Scum’s Facebook:

What’s up everyone,

We been procrastinating on making this announcement but it’s time to squash all the rumors, we wanted to make this announcement together onFB Live or something similar but due to busy schedules, transportation issues and us living in different cities we decided to do it this way. This announcement has to deal with our brother Liquid Assassin and his status with LSP , so we had him shoot a video which I’m attaching. Since I couldn’t be in it, Ill just make a written statement but please know I stand by everything said in the video. We here at LSP & myself personally have nothing but love and respect for LA. He had a 3 album deal with LSP from the start. He fulfilled his contract, releasing bangers like Mulatto, 4/5/1994, and Koba under the saw and axe brand and I’m proud to have these album as an important part of our constantly growing catalog. Officially his contract was up in June when Koba dropped but we delayed the announcement to do a tour in support of this project and to have him rock this year’s Gorefest with us without any awkwardness from the fans or him or I having to answer 100 questions. There’s no need for all that. We got love for him he got love for us, we worked together long before his contract with us and will continue working with him long after. He didn’t quit or end his contract early. We didn’t release him early or on bad terms. There is no beef. If you are an LSP fan and support him, please continue to do so, I am personally excited to hear what he drops next. He didn’t “jump ship” and go to another competing label, he completed his contract and went on to work on his own label, 42 Records and build his own brand / develop the artists that are signed with 42. We wish him nothing but success and will be working with him in the future. We appreciate his contribution to the LSP legacy and the albums he released through us and hope he continues to make great music independently for everyone that supports him. You can look forward to more LSP and Liquid Assassin ventures, shows, and collaborations and that’s the bottom line. Much love and respect

Scum / LSP, LLC

We at Faygoluvers wish both LSP and Liquid Assassin the best of luck, and know that they will continue to school us with underground flavor!  I personally can’t wait to hear what LA brings us with his next album: Red Silverback!

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