ICP’s “Milenko & Friends” Tour Postponed

Juggalos and Juggalettes, I know how much that you were looking forward to ICP‘s “Milenko And Friends” tour coming to your town, but I’ve got the ultimate piece of staleness to report.

Just minutes ago via Insane Clown Posse’s Facebook, our homie KG let us know that the remaining dates of this tour have been POSTPONED.  There is no word yet as to why this happened. All of the dates were Canadian shows, so hopefully our neighbors to the north get them rescheduled soon.

Here is what was said on the ICP Facebook Page:

‪JUGGALOS, the Milenko and Friends tour has been postponed. ‬

‪We apologize to the family and will have more information and details as soon as they are available. ‬

‪MCL -kg‬

We hope that everyone involved with the tour is healthy and that it’s just an unforeseen bone.

from Faygoluvers


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