HOK “Home Sweet Home” Vinyl Pre-Order Shipped Early! Order Today and it will Ship Immediately!

Did you pre-order the House of Kazees vinyl from TwiztidShop.com or MNEStore.com? It’s likely already on it’s way to you, homie, if you haven’t already received it! We got hit up by George over at Majik Ninja Entertainment to let us know that the pre-orders have already been shipped out and that if you “pre-order” the vinyl, it will be shipped out immediately!

I know it was out on August 14th (yesterday) but shipping early means a lot of you ninjas likely received the vinyl before the release date. You lucky, lucky ninjas.

If you haven’t order this classic, horror themed record by The House you need to hit up MNEStore.com and do that.

Check out the pre-order options here:

from Faygoluvers


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