George Vlahakis of MNE Defends His Label via Facebook “Rant”

Yesterday afternoon, George Vlahakis, head honcho at Majik Ninja Entertainment, posted a picture of some of the upcoming shows and projects that his artists have going down in the next few weeks with the caption: “I’m proud of my team.”

This post was on his personal Facebook page, and set to where only Facebook friends of his could see it.  Seems innocent enough, right?

Well, some ninjas always try to stir shit up, and decided to make a comment on his post stating “Violent J made you.”

There were several people who responded to support George, but he decided to defend himself, his label, and the work they have all put in.  I did check with him before making this post to make sure he was cool with it being on display since it was from his personal page.  You can see his stance on the matter below:

Thank you all. People like William frustrate me because they weren’t there for Purple Hash Productions, or when ABK gave me my first shot, Touring in a mini van with Ajax, AMB, Killa, or when I spent my entire savings to lose money over and over. There are many stories I can tell and they don’t involve violent j.

Twiztid wanted me to manage them before I took the job at Psychopathic, that’s a fact. It was asked during the recording of Wicked. Psychopathic hired me to “help everybody”… I’m not going to sit here and bash tho. I appreciate Bill and Joe for hiring me and allowing me to put on their festival and dozens of other events. They just didn’t get to know me, they didn’t want to. Long story short, Paul and Jamie approached me with an opportunity of a lifetime. I took it. It’s not easy, we aren’t here rolling around in dough, it’s hard fucking work. A HUGE fuck you to those who think otherwise or to those weak minded individuals that follow blindly. A HUGE thank you to those who have their own brain and think for themselves. It’s not hard to see that Boondox, AMB, Blaze, ROC all came to Twiztid to help them. Now, we are all helping each other. Psychopathic gave everybody their shot. Absolutely. Much love to them for that…but if you can’t see what’s happening at MNE, you are truly blind or you have so much hate in your heart, you can’t accept the fact that we are building something amazing!!!

I will never expect any of you to chose. EVER! Bump Ouija’s new shit, bump Lyte’s new shit. Hell at one point they were going to be signed to MNE. I wish them great success on the path they ended up on. Psychopathic and MNE should be working together. Lyte should be allowed on UGA’s Album, MNE should be rocking GOTJ.

Always remember MNE had 3 members of Dark Lotus ready to rock Juggalo Day in Florida. We didn’t stop that from happening. We rocked the last gathering we played for our travel expenses to help bring you wizard of the hood. Twiztid wanted to help ICP out. It wasn’t about the money at that point.

There are a lot of behind the scenes facts I don’t ever bring up because I don’t want to sit here and stoop to that level. Just for once enjoy the music. Fuck the drama.

I stand behind the fact that Psychopathic and MNE are working harder than ever to bring the Juggalos entertainment. If anything, the split has made everybody work harder. Enjoy it!!! 🤘🤘🤘 end rant. 😂

I thought this was worth a mention because you’ll see derogatory comments about Twiztid and MNE not only on every post we make about them, but on their own social media posts as well.  That can also be said about ICP, or any other public figure for that matter.  Either way, it’s not often that we get a response like this regarding the great Juggalo divide.

Let us know what you think about the whole situation below.

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