FREE Copy of UGA’s Apollyon Edition with $50.00 Mob Shop Order [Limited to 100]

With the pending release of the Underground Avengers album Anomaly 88, Bukshot’s web store The Mob Shop announced the release of a special edition EP called Apollyon Edition.

As reported last week, this album features the entire 2012 UGA EP, as well as 7 additional tracks that have never been heard before!

There are 2 different album covers for the Apollyon edition.  One will be available for sale individually, and the variant cover (pictured above) is limited to only 100 copies and only available with a purchase of $50.00+ from!

Here’s a description of that special edition cover from

Don’t let the price tag fool you! This CD comes FREE with any order for $50 or more in the Mob-Shop! As soon as you add products in your cart that total $50 or more, this item will automatically become visible in your cart when you look at it. If the 100 CD’s are sold out, you will know by checking your cart because you wont see the FREE CD visible if it’s sold out already. So as long as you have items totaling $50 or more in your cart, as long as the CD is still available, it will show up in your cart!

This limited edition collectible CD comes in a very special & unique plastic jewel case! The regular version will come in a standard cardboard wallet case.

This is the re-release of the original Underground Avengers CD but it now has 7 new bonus tracks added and also highlights all brand new album art!

The regular version of this CD with the regular cover, will be available at Attack Of The Ninjas as well as sometime next week on the Mob-Shop.

PLEASE NOTE: All orders that have the FREE UGA CD in them, will not ship until next week!

So for you serious collectors out there, make sure you snag enough merch from Bukshot’s webstore to get this bonus flavor!

And don’t forget about the main event: Anomaly 88 which is available for pre-order at the MNE Store:

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