DBA – “Slick” from UGH65 hosted by LARS [Audio Only]

Produced by: Stir Crazy
Mixed and Mastered by: Intrinzik



Yo I go by motherfucking Nightwatch, I like to turn it up a notch/
I need to show you everything I motherfucking got/
Those who know me I’m a motherfucking crazy, fucking lunatic/
I lose control inside this motherfucking life, I need to get a grip/
I feel like killing everybody that I see/
In the streets in my motherfucking dreams/
You know, the type of shit you can’t explain/
Inside my motherfucking roots, inside my motherfucking veins/
Ha, I’m holding back, yo I must refrain/
To maintain the strain across the motherfucking way/
Engrave the fucking membrane in my motherfucking vain/
I’m on brainwaves I’m in-fucking-sane/
I make it to my motherfucking grave/
Within days no worries the motherfucking same yo

Tooth Bear:

Tooth Bear over here make a move run away/
Like a clap of a gun on the news everyday/
Apparate second state of the stage of display/
When I slay in a way that would play my own game/
Can I release the demon in a teeming season?/
Can I keep it bleeding in a act you cleaning?/
I wanna greet you and treat you in ways that you would understand/
And when you do then we’ll be puffing off like secondhand/
I can’t freestyle ’cause I need a script/ ‘Cause I’m a whack MC and I sound like shit/
I waste time in line when I try to grind/
I need signs to guise the fragments of mind/
I need to find a new blend no one else can find/
‘Cause I only came to learn with arms open wide/
Can I make a move in a pleasant scene?/
Can I wait and learn that it’s not a dream?

from Faygoluvers


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