Zug Izland’s “Promised Land: Event Horizon” Now Available for Pre-order

Our homies from Zug Izland just made an announcement via the Zug Izland Facebook that you Zuggalos will definitely want to know about!  They have made their upcoming CD release: Promised Land/Event Horizon available for pre-order!  You can get them in either regular or autographed varieties!  Our good homie Sewerside was also involved in a remix track!  Check the details below!

From Zug Izland’s Facebook:


Awesome News!!! We are stoked to announce that Pre-sales for Zug Izland’s much anticipated upcoming cd release of “Promised Land/Event Horizon” Featuring – “Next To Me”, “Woke Up Screaming” and Promised Land Remix by Sewerside!!! Are now available to pre-order. All you ninjas & ninjettes if you want to pre-order a hard copy in advance here’s your chance. Cd’s available for $10.00 and $15.00 autographed plus $5 shipping. You can place your order thru paypal at infogoldstarmgmt@gmail.com MZL

from Faygoluvers


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