Tall Jess (1/3rd creator of Morton’s List ) has officially launched new game called Drug Lord: Lord of the Drugs

Tall Jess, 1/3rd creator of Morton’s List has officially launched his highly anticipated new game “Drug Lord: Lord of the Drugs”. The game is available for early access! A raw and uncut version is being funded over at Kickstarter right now! Their goal is only 6,000 dollars and has reached 269 dollars with 19 days left to donate. Let’s reach Tall Jess’s goal before it’s too late!




2-6 players (bosses) of the global narco-trade vie to distribute banned substances by land, sea, and air while evading the Drug Interdiction Agency and their attempts to disrupt the flow of your product.

 Build international empires of drug cultivation, production, and distribution for eager markets with four types of controlled substances. Play across 74 drug hotspots from around the world.

As a Druglord you will map trade routes, attack neighbors, and ball at international levels as your people make the transactions. Evade Counter-Trafficking Agents, defeat rival bosses, and score the most trades for victory!

This game puts the world’s supply of reefer, pills, heroin, and cocaine in your hands, as you navigate global markets to move metric fuck-tons of drugs.

from Faygoluvers


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