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Force 5 Records, home of Underground Heavyweights; Mars, Saint Dog, Danny Diablo, Big Hoss and The Nomadz, have just added another artists that should be in your sights. If you haven’t been introduced to Skribbal (You can read my interview with him here), his debut release “Skinwalker” is sure to catch your attention. This was another artist that immediately caught my attention and had me question how I hadn’t heard of him before. Thankfully, I had the chance to introduced to him through an interview we did together a while back, so I thought I knew what to expect going into this new EP. Let’s just say I wasn’t prepared for how much I like it, not that I thought I wouldn’t. It just took me surprise how well it came together and I’m still very impressed.

The “Skinwalker” EP starts off with a shorter introduction style track that makes you think you’re being prepared for what’s coming. “Warlord X,” is a base heavy pounding track with Skribbal delivering his harden style at an agressive pace. Though the track is short and minimal, it actually does a great job as an introduction, but it was the following track, “Skinwalker,” that really caught my attention.  The hook is simple, but catchy as hell. I found myself singing it more then once. The beat interlaced with the bass is unique on this one and it’s amazing how well Skribbal‘s flow brings everything together. There are a lot of great tracks on this album, as you’ll hear about, but this is the one I always found myself going back to.

Skribbal also brings along a few of his Force 5 label mates, such as Mars, Chucky Chuck (of The Nomadz), Jaysin Logik, the DRP (of The Nomadz) and Saint Dog (of The Kottonmouth Kings). Thankfully the tracks don’t feel overloaded and it was clear this album is really about showing Skirbbal‘s skills. I personally don’t like it when it seems that nearly every track of an album has a feature. They do an excellent job of pacing out the features and it really benefits the way the whole album comes together.

Hang ‘Em High,” which features The DRP and Saint Dog is a banger of a track with a soft intro that explodes into a banging beat as Skribbal kicks in. The DRP delivers a solidly hard hitting verse and the hook really pushes the aggression of this track. Saint delivers a slower tempo change that actually works really well with the ruckus of the rest of the track.

Jaysin Logik features on a track called, “Glock Talk Back,” that steers towards an aggressive street anthem and away from the horrorcore. This actually comes in at the perfect spot to give you a slightly different taste of what Skribbal‘s versatility is. Jaysin‘s softer voice pairs really well with the more rough sound Skribbal delivers. Overall, this track comes together really well.

Bruce Campbell,” is a dark horrorcore track through and through. I suppose there wouldn’t be a better to feature Mars and neither artists disappoint in this haunting effort. The title really sets the tone for the hook, but the track itself is a classic throw back to horrorcore roots. Mars and Skribbal bring fire to this track and the almost nostalgic sounding beat. I can almost guarantee that we will hear some more gems with these two as they compliment each other extremely well.

Chucky Chuck does a great job in his appearance in the track, “Knock Ya Teeth In,” as well. Skribbal once again is lyrically on point and impresses from the moment he starts his first verse. Chucky Chuck finishes out the song in strong fashion and brings things home in what ends up be another amazing track on this album.

Tracks like “Don’t Doubt Me” & “In the Dark,” find Skribbal diving deeper in to his true feelings. While the former is a solid hard hitting song, it’s the latter that literally may be my favorite track on the album. “In the Dark,” is a very personal journey into the life and struggles of his mind. It’s absolutely beautifully done and the lyrics themselves are extremely powerful. This is a track that was clearly close to Skribbal‘s heart and it’s something that I know I can personally relate to.

The whole album is a highlight really and I just wanted to make sure to at least cover a majority of the tracks. I must mention that the version I’m listening to is the track list of the physical copy, which features additional tracks. None of the tracks previously mentioned are unavailable on the digital release as far as I know. I will have the link to the physical version below.

While there are definitely a fair share of albums that release all the time in the underground, “Skinwalker,” deserves a spot in any fans collection. You are literally doing yourself a disservice by not hearing this album. Skribbal delivers one of the most solid debut releases and Force 5 Records should be extremely proud of having such a powerful, talented and hungry artist on their team. I may not have mentioned every track on this album, trust me when I say there is not a single one that should be missed.

So, if Skribbal isn’t on your radar, he should be know. If you’ve hear the tracks above and like what you hear, be sure to click the purchase link below and support the real underground talent. If you’d like to know more about the man himself be sure to check our interview link above or I’ll link it below as well.


Force 5 Records Website

Skinwalker Physical Copy Purchase Link

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