SCU T-shirt Fundraiser Results [Shirts Now Shipped!]

If you are one of the Juggalo Badasses who were able to help the Scrub Care Unit out by purchasing one of their fundraiser t-shirts this year, then first of all, THANK YOU!  You have no idea how many thousands of dollars it takes to keep the SCU running to provide Juggalos and Juggalettes food, water, and shelter at Gatherings (among other things).  Every little bit helps!

That being said, if you placed a t-shirt order, you will be receiving your shirt very soon!  They have all been shipped just in time for you to get them to sport at this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos!

Bob and John of the Scrub Care unit have a message for all of you about the fundraiser which you can read below.

From Bob Adams of the Scrub Care Unit:

Juggalo Family and SCU Supporters,

We have wrapped up our t-shirt fundraising efforts and I would like to report the following results:

22 t-shirts were sold for a total of $395.00 raised for SCU’s Gathering efforts (after total costs for t-shirt manufacturing deducted). T-shirts were shipped out today (July 9th, 2018) and should be to those that purchased shirts this week.

SCU would like to thank the following for all the support:

  • Psychopathic Records for their continued belief and support of SCU and our efforts!
  • Faygoluvers – especially Scottie D – for the support and spreading the word!!
  • Vinnie the ICP Kid and Slasher Dave for the “WhoopStock” shirt design!
  • Donnie Theis (a.k.a He Who Smokes A lot) for the “SCU Juggalo Hero” shirt design!
  • GoTeez Shirts for the manufacturing and awesome support!

Mostly, SCU would like to thank the following “Juggalo Heroes” for their t-shirt purchases, which all profits received will go to helping the Juggalo Family during this coming Gathering:

Gathering of the Juggalos/WhoopStock Shirts:

  • Craig Bergmann
  • Dennis Pendleton
  • Derek Sech
  • Donny Eckrote
  • Doug Mahugh
  • Frank (Bane) Cope
  • Ivan Ovchinnikov (SCUM)
  • Jacob Anderson
  • Kevin McWilliams
  • Scottie D
  • Thiemo Tornau
  • Wattson Budinger
  • Phillip Wymer
  • Mark (The Pin Guy) Bauer

SCU/Juggalo Hero Shirts:

  • Alaina Yount
  • Craig Bergmann
  • Derek Sech
  • Eric Houston
  • Morgan Skinners (x2 shirts)
  • Scottie D
  • Terra Schoelen

Family, when you’re at the Gathering this year and see ninjas wearing these shirts, make sure to give the a special “WHOOP WHOOP” and a big hug as their support of SCU is helping all those Juggalos that need help at the Gathering, from food to water to medical supplies to clothing and/or shower supplies (just to name a few of SCU’s efforts at the Gathering each year). They are true Juggalo Heroes!!!

Thank you all for the support!!!

Bob and John

SCU Charities

from Faygoluvers


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