Score an Interview with Ouija Macc and Help Out Juggalos In Need

Ouija Macc has made a post on social media regarding how you can score an interview with him.

If you would like an interview with Ouija, you will need a few things including the cash flow to purchase a car that will be donated to a Juggalo in need.

You can find out all of the details about this by reading Ouija’s social media post below.

From Ouija Macc

Everyone who thinks I’m just going to do an interview for them at the gathering is wrong… I have had a lot of time to think about this and I have decided that I am protecting the integrity of my story… I am protecting the perception of my family and I am using my energy to do good in the world… If you would like to interview me here is what is required of you…

1) a heart
2) a brain
3) the will to create miracles in the juggalo community. (You’re a juggalo publication? Prove it!)
4) the ability to finesse

The price for my interview is one vehicle. It is my intention to donate cars to Juggalos n Juggalettes who really need it… The type of Ninjas who would get a job if he had a car to get him to and from that job. Or a juggalette who’s tired of riding the bus with her two kids but can afford the insurance because she works hard. We are going to create miracles in the juggalo community and I’m starting with a funky ass car or 2 bitch. It might not be the best set of wheels. but it should have no major issues & be able to accelerate, lol. NOW! you might think I’m an asshole or that it’s impossible because you don’t have the money to buy a car… That is where #4 comes in… You could start a gofundme & encourage people to get excited about doing good in the community raise the money and hit my line when you have a enough for a car. Interview LOCCED! We gon picc REAL juggs with VERIFIED stories & buy em whips in their city. Your karma will be insane!!! And I’ll respect you enough to share MY PERSONAL VIEWS AND OPINIONS in front of the public to be documented on the internet forever! Run it.

If you’re not interested in getting involved with a miracle, there’s always NEXT gathering for that interview! But there’ll be a miracle coming out of that too!

(This does not apply to Faygo Luvers because they cared about me when I was homeless & getting stabbed in the bacc from every direction. But if they would like to donate a car that would be cool. They finesse!)


Our interviewer Chad Carsten has launched a campaign to help needy Juggalos and to secure an interview with Ouija. You can find out more by CLICKING HERE.

from Faygoluvers


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