MNE Announces Underground Avengers “Anomaly 88” Release Date and Teases New Artist!

Get hyped the fuck up, ninja’s! MNE just announced the name of the new Underground Avengers (Boondox, CLASS, Bukshot) record and it’s titled “Anomaly 88” and it looks to be a monster of a release! Remember that huge collabo track “Exit Wounds”that UGA dropped six years ago?!Well, near the end of “Anomaly 88” there is a track called “Thanos” and it’s an even bigger collabo featuring Twiztid, Tech N9ne, Rittz, Jelly Roll, Krizz Kaliko, Crucifix, Lyte, & King ISO! Can you say hip-hop induced musical coma?! “Anomaly 88” is bound to shake the underground to its very core!  Salute and congrats to Boondox, Class, and Bukshot!

From the Official  MNE Store:

They have returned after a long hiatus and have assembled to defend the underground as only they know how. The Underground Avengers who’s previous album was an instant underground classic have gathered again to release “Anomaly 88” the next chapter in their story. Boondox, Bukshot and Claas are gearing up to unleash their unique style on the galaxy. This is going to be a heavily talked about release and you will not want to miss it!! Grab your pre orders now and prepare for the Underground Avengers coming for you 8/31/18!!

Pre-order bundles are now available for Underground Avengers MNE Debut here:

Track List For Anomaly 88:
1. Anomaly 88
2. The Rising (feat. Demi)
3. Killer Instinct (feat. Q Bosilini)
4. Enemies
5. Yeti Cup
6. My Room (feat. Mr. Grey of Gorilla Voltage)
7. Hold On (feat. Crucifix)
8. Mesajul
9. Strengar (feat. Young Wicked)
10. Bring The Blood
11. Masacra
12. Algedonic
13. Goodfellas (feat. Stevie Stone)
14. Calm Down
15. Thanos (feat. Tech N9ne, Twiztid, Rittz, Jelly Roll, Krizz Kaliko, Crucifix, Lyte, & King ISO)
16. Fin

And that’s not all! Twiztid also just dropped a teaser video titled “Believe” and it may possibly be hinting at MNE signing a new artist. Rumors have been swirling around that it may very well be Ohio’s masked underground kings “Alla Xul Elu”. Remember when Monoxide went live on FB a few months back and said an MNE artist will be at the 19th annual Gathering? Alla Xul Elu were definitely there and absolutely slaughtered the carousel stage! The close up of the black gloves do match their horror attire.  Only time will tell!

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