JCW Gathering of the Juggalos Results

Whats up Juggalos!? Just wanted to give a quick recap of some JCW action from the 19th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos!


First up we have Oddball Wrestling! Winners of matches in parentheses.


Marijuana mayhem match: (Hyzaya)vs the nerd vs Jeff cannonball vs the human tornado vs smokey C

Joey Janela vs (The Invisible Man)

Pull your bitch match: (Bryan Idol) vs “Spider” Nate Webb

Hardcore tag team message: (The Hooligans) vs Big Baby Powder and Freakshow

Brooklyn to Brighton super brawl: Casanova Valentine vs (Big Fucking Joe)

Extreme death match: “king of the death match” Jimmy Lloyd vs (Chuey Martinez)

House vs Hair Match: Homeless Jimmy vs (Mosh Pit Mike)

Next up we have Bloodymania 12!


The Savage Gentleman vs (The Nerd)

ECW Original vs JCW OG: Tommy Dreamer vs (Hyzaya)

(Teddy Hart) vs “Bad Boy” Joey Janela

JCW Tag Team Title Match for the vacant Tag Team Titles: The Hooligans vs (Mosh Pit Mike and Chuey Martinez) w/The Rude Boy

(Sam Adonis) vs Myron Reed

Battle of Backyard Wrestling: (Matt “Mdogg 20” Cross) vs Mad Man Pondo vs El Drunko

Anything Goes match for the JCW Heavyweight Championship: Kongo Kong (c) vs (Shane Mercer)


All in all it was a great year for JCW! Unfortunately I missed the battle of the sexes JCW event due to having to defend my quest for shangri-la title that night but I will update these results when they become available.

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Whoop Whoop

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