DJ Clay Goes Dark to Work on Solo Album

Just minutes ago, our homie DJ Clay made a social media blast across all of his platforms saying that he is taking a break from ALMOST all of them to work exclusively on his solo album.  That means no news coming from him until we get a release date, or perhaps the album just blindsides us unexpectedly!

I know that this album is YEARS in the making, so hopefully this time away from everyone and everything will give him the opportunity to put the finishing touches on it!  You can see his post about it below.

From DJ Clay’s Facebook:


this is my last Social Media Post !!! ….. Family its time … i’m going DARK !!! … that means you won’t see me until IT is complete. NO SOCIAL MEDIA , NO OUTSIDE NEWS , NO NEW MUSIC , I DONT WANT TO KNOW WHATS GOING ON OUTSIDE OF MY WORLD …. I WILL BE FOCUSING ON NOTHING BUT MY ART , MY BLOOD , MY SWEAT , MY …. RECORD !!! #Anticipated #Solo (side note : you will only be able to catch me on my snapchat to catch sneak peeks of studio sessions) so i guess I’m going #GREY 😎🤫🤐✌🏽

from Faygoluvers


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