Damien Quinn of Dark Half Stabbed During the Gathering. Already Released From Hospital!

This is some crazy stale news, but we here at FLH want to wish (Gorehop emcee) Damien Quinn of Dark Half all the best and damn happy he’s alive! We have no idea what exactly went down on the Gathering of the Juggalo grounds because of legal reasons, but we do know that someone was constantly dishonoring deceased Dark Half founder Geno Cultshit over the years and still persisted to spread hate. Damien Quinn decided to confront the unknown individual about it and ended up getting stabbed by the confronted individual near the upper chest area of his body. Damien posted a picture of himself from the Ohio hospital with the words, “Nice  Try Pussy… but I’m still alive!”

From Damien Quinn himself:

“I don’t have to explain shit…I got retribution for my fallen Brother that is not on this earth to defend himself!! I will DIE for my Brother Garrett Mark Erskine and I KNOW I proved that this weekend!! Think before you speak…
Think about the ones you will hurt…
Back in 2001 When I was 13 I lived Up-North Wisconsin in a little town named Necedah and the only 2 CD’s I had to listen to at the time were Dark Lotus’ “Tales from The Lotus Pod” and Blaze Ya Dead Homie’s “1 Less In Da G Hood” that my Grandma bought me for my Birthday before we had to make the big move!! I hated it in Necedah…shit was so stale…I’m not in to hurting animals so I hated hunting, I would try to grow weed from these seeds I brought from Kenosha because I knew there was gonna be no tree but The Deer kept eating my shit and all the other kids were just straight up hicks that listened to Country Music…I couldn’t stand them fucks…so all I had were these 2 CD’s and my one homie that was into Juggalo Shit named Danny!! In a strange way those CD’s were like my therapists…they were all I had, my only comfort zone…and I remember the way I felt hearing Dark Lotus’ for the 1st time, how dark the song “Black Magic” was and how one day I wished I could make music as scary and as dark as “Tales from The Lotus Pod”…because of that Album alone I was able to create Dark Half...something that to this day has prevented people from going through with their suicidal thoughts or has helped them through depression and could gain hope from the fact if two nerdy kids from Kenosha, Wisconsin can accomplish this…n e 1 can!! To just blatantly kill off something that people hold near and dear to their hearts that has helped them through tragic times and has helped them gain hope, just because of your own personal vendetta…is just downright awful…a shame…I think it’s time to WAKE UP and see the bigger picture…and that time is NOW!!


Fellow Wicked Wisconsin emcee “The DRP” wrote a heart warming comment for Damien towards the unexpected incident.

“Hey brotha. I just read all of the shit that happened with you this weekend. I’m glad you are okay. You defended Geno’s legacy and that’s honorable, but don’t let those fuckheads get the best of you. You are what’s left of Darkhalf and I want to continue to see you honor Geno’s legacy and the movement that you yourself helped create. You are an important piece of WI hip hop and it’s history. Not just horrorcore, but hip hop. We need you around for a while yet. Love you brotha”

Just posted today from Damien’s personal social media after being released from the hospital: And then the pussy said…”at least I ain’t the one in the hospital”!! BITCH…what’chu mean hospital…I was at “The World Famous” Thurman’s Cafe in Columbus, Ohio this Afternoon!!!!!!!” Faygoluvers will be conducting an interview with Damien Quinn and Detroit producer Stir Crazy soon to discuss their record “Eyez Without A Face”. Stay tuned!


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