The Kevin Gill Show Episode 154 Featuring Tony Foresta

KG Kevin Gill has released the latest episode of his long running podcast, The Kevin Gill Show.

Episode 154 features KG interviewing Tony Foresta. KG and Tony Foresta discuss the following:



Municpal Waste and Iron Reagan Frontman Tony Foresta talks about early days, Sick Of It All, Rocks Off NYC Cruise, Chris Jericho, Slayer, Kevin Lyman, Gary Holt, Punk Rock, Exodus, Tears Of Joy, Lars Frederiksen, Fozzy, Gwar B-Q, H20, Stranglemania, Mr Pickles Thrashtacular, Iron Reagan, Creeper, Terror, Positive Mental Attitude, video games, and more!!!  

You can listen to episode 154 featuring Tony Foresta by CLICKING HERE or below.

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