Psychopathic Auction Items Announced for the Gathering of the Juggalos!

Gathering-bound Juggalos…you’ve got just over a month until we are officially at Whoopstock!  I know that the Psychopathic Auctions are a HUGE draw for the Juggalo Ballers, and this year has some of the FRESHEST auction items I have ever seen!

We’re talking about a TON of stage-worn jerseys, original Tom Wood artwork, hand-written lyrics sheets, and even a chance to bid on not one, but TWO Mini EPs!  Holy shit!  Check out the list of items that will be available for your bidding pleasure:

  • Psychopathic Records Poster Lot
  • Into The Echoside Promo Lot
  • CDG Con 3 Piece Banner Set
  • Into The Echoside Banner
  • Dark Lotus Instore Tour Banner
  • Morton’s Mystery Ammo Crate
  • Lotus Pod Studio Banner
  • Wicked Clown Stage Costume
  • Ouija Macc (You and two homies hang with Ouija for a day)
  • Violent J Football Jerseys
  • Juggalo Love Psypher Swag
  • Heckles Baseball Jerseys (stage-worn)
  • Macabre Baseball Jerseys (stage-worn)
  • Jumpsteady’s Oracle of the Three Rings Sketch Book
  • ICP’s Amazing Jeckel Brothers Show Jerseys
  • Killyjoy Club Masks & Jersey
  • Tom Wood’s original Oracle of the Three Rings Sketch art
  • Cartoon Nightmares Handwritten Lyrics
  • ICP’s Personal Stash Mini-EP
  • ICP’s Direct Message Mini EP

Here are all of the items and their descriptions:

Now check the official post from the Insane Clown Posse Facebook:

The Gathering Of The Juggalos Auction UPDATE!!!

There is so much flavor to absorb at a Gathering, that it’s hard to soak it all in. You would need to be a super dried out sponge the size of California to aborb this level of flavor, and even then it would be incredibly challenging and require you you to be wrung out dozens of times.

For a lot of people the excitement of seeing your favorite artists perform while surrounded by your family and having countless adventures is what they look forward to all year. For some people this excitement is multiplied by the acquisition of rare gems and jewels from the creative treasure chest of the Dark Carnival. These people.. these Juggalos, these Psychopathic Collectors are a special level of black belt, almost like a secret society blended with a parallel dimension.

Outside of the Music, the Wrestling, the Family, The Seminars, and everything else… There is ONE place you will find the most dedicated Psychopathic Collectors: At The Psychopathic Auction!!!

Why? Because The rarest, most sought after and most mind glowingly rare and one of a kind greatness is available for auction, and here’s your first official look at ALL OF THE ITEMS BEING AUCTIONED.

Imagine that the most hated band in the world created a one of a kind EP and made exactly one copy of it? Now picture yourself sweating and possibly abbreviated while bidding your neighbors 401k on it!!! Now take a step back and imagine that the most hated band in the world created TWO, completely different, one of a kind EP’s as the ultimate collectible to the most misunderstood people on the planet: The Juggalos! Multiply all the anticipation and high stakes drama and multiply that shit by TWO!!!! Imagine the fresh to death listening parties you cold host in your tent, hotel room or RV with the hottest Juggalette’s or the buffest, most ripped (and JACKED) Juggalos… OR the hottest Juggalos and the buffest most ripped (And JACKED) Juggalettes!!! Possessing either of these this one of a kind slices of audio freshness could open the door to a new dimension.

Now, the ICP Person Stash Mini EP, and the ICP Direct Message Mini EP are just two of the INCREDIBLE ITEMS BEING AUCTIONED OFF!!!

You gotta peep the images attached to see it all, but I mean, HOLY FUCKING SHIT:

The 5 HANDPAINTED Killjoy Club Masks that were worn during the SURPRISE video shoot, along with DJ Paul’s Killjoy Club show jersey all contain immeasurable karma!!! If they were to be boiled down into a paste, dried into a powder and then injected inside an orange which is then peeled and shot with a slingshot the length of 5 football fields directly into your homies mouth, while he is singing Karaoke, the affect would be 1000 times more potent than hot Krokodil on a cold night.

Speaking of potent, Let’s Disucss OUIJA MACC. The purveyor of Gutterwater and the newest artist on the Psychopathic super hatchet family of recording sciences WILL BE UP FOR AUCTION FOR AN UNFORGETTABLE EVENING OF SAUCE, BAGS, TURNING UP AND NEVER SLOWING DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The above just describes a FEW items!!!!! THERE’S SO MUCH MOR!!!! Stuff like ORIGINAL Tom Wood Art, Hand Written Lyrics, Banners, Ammo Boxes, and so much more!!!!! PEEP THE ATTACHED FRESHNESS, and you might want to put a helmet on to prevent your nugget from exploding all over your monitor. Just saying. Somebody’s gotta clean that shit up. And Brains Stain.

Got your Gathering tickets yet?  If not, head over to and scoop ’em up!

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