Kourt Jester – “Introspection”

Inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy, Introspection tells the story of a man in search of a new life as well as himself. Throughout the three acts, he encounters many obstacles and setbacks…Will this journey end as a comedy or a tragedy?

Kourt Jester produced 8 of the tracks (Except “Back From The Dead & “Walk of Shame”) and it was mastered by Nemesis Poe.


[Act I: Inferno]

1) Bang

2) Up All Night

3) Lost At Sea

4) Symphony No. 9

[Act II: Purgatorio]

5) I Don’t Need You

6) Walk Of Shame (Ft. Mark Lee)

7) Back From The Dead

8) [Intermission]

[Act III: Paradiso]

9) Right Now

10) History (Ft. Mic A Lion & Skitzo)

The album can be found at the following links:
iTunes – https://apple.co/2Izdqxa
Apple Music –  https://apple.co/2Kva4gt
Google Play – http://bit.ly/2IBMNrH
Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/album/17UmVSa4k7s3lXouTI6tUW?fo=1
Tidal – https://tidal.com/album/91142152

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