Juggalette Assaulted and in Critical Condition [Charity Raffle Details Inside…YOU CAN HELP!]

We’ve been contacted by a few people including homies from the Scrub Care Unit and Psychopathic Traders about a truly fucked up incident that happened to some of our Juggalo family.  A Juggalo was beaten to death, and a ‘lette named Melissa Schuyler has been severely beaten, and is in critical condition.  So they have teamed up to put something pretty fresh together, all while helping out a member of the fam who is in need.  Check out the details below.

From Psychopathic Traders Facebook:

https://www.gofundme.com/melissa-schuyler — Hey all my los and lettes out there in carnival merch land. Our friend John Gulbo told us about the most horrid thing has happened to some family members and they need our help. Some piece of shit beat a man named Shida Gilliam to death and left a young woman named Melissa Schuyler in critical condition. We’re looking for donations to the gofundme listed to help pay for the young woman’s medical bills. We’d also appreciate any items as donations so that we here at Psychopathic Traders can organize a charity including multiple mystery box raffles and more sponsored items to help the victims of this horrible tragedy. Anyone who donates Merch or money (post a screen shot here or simply add “PT” anywhere in the gofundme donation comments) will get a raffle ticket as a thank you. We’ll be selling an unlimited number of tickets at $2 a piece; depending on the number of donations and entries we receive we’ll be splitting it into multiple drawings. Please give all you can and show just how amazing our community can be. The marvelous Tom Wood has already donated to this prize pack so donations from any other artists would also be greatly appreciated. — http://www.weny.com/story/38342064/elmira-police-confirm-death-of-oak-street-assault-victim

Here is w hat Tom Wood has generously donated:

Click to enlarge!

For every $2.00 donation, you will be entered into the raffle! So just send a Paypal payment to ptgives@gmail.com as Friends and family and make sure you get your chance, and also help a family in need!

Once they get at least $250 in donations, they will conduct the raffle.  Don’t hesitate to help out!

from Faygoluvers


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