Ghozt Tha Dmented – “Greetings From Hades”

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  1. Intro- Journey To the Underworld
  2. Beyond The Red Door
  3. Enter The Madness Feat DKM
  4. Cerberus Feat Demo Demon, Skippy Ickum & Delirious
  5. The Dead Will Rize Feat Razakel, Lex the Hex Master & Delirious
  6. The Bodybag Man Feat Ember Rose
  7. The King of Bloodymore (Hades of Horrorcore)
  8. Dig Up her Bones (Misfits Cover)
  9. Suck a Dick
  10. With only a Dream Feat Narcodix
  11. Ted Bundy
  12. Hymn of Tartarus Feat Boondox & Delirious

from Faygoluvers


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