DJ Clay and Danny Diablo Teaming Up for EP

A ninja named Cody hit us up about something Juggalos should be interested in!  It definitely caught me off guard until seeing the screen shot of it.

Danny Diablo posted a picture of a calendar he keeps at his place to keep him on track.  On the bottom left-hand corner of the calendar, he has an itemized list that includes the following:

  1. DJ Clay EP
  2. Big Hoss EP
  3. Mars EP
  4. FTW Album
  5. Defstar Inferno Demo

Here is the pic that was posted on Danny Diablo’s Instagram yesterday:

Click to enlarge!

Someone commented on this pic to confirm, and he said the following:

Confirmation of EP from Danny

So it looks like a lot of new music coming from Danny Diablo!  And we got an info leak about a new DJ Clay EP!  We’ll keep you posted!

from Faygoluvers


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