The R.O.C. Speaks on Psychopathic / MNE “Beef”; Violent J Reacts

With all of the drama that seems to dominate social media these days, particularly in the underground, it’s good to see some positivity surface.  This time, it was The R.O.C. who took a few minutes to speak about the “beef” between Majik Ninja Entertainment and Psychopathic Records.  Just to set the record straight, this video actually isn’t all that new.  I reached out to The R.O.C. who confirmed that it was from a year or two ago, but the sentiment remains the same.  You can see that below:

I’m guessing that this video has been reuploaded and shared by Juggalos looking to spread some love and positivity during these seemingly toxic times.

Not long after this video surfaced, Violent J tweeted the following:


The R.O.C. responded a few times since this tweet, first saying this:


Then, he went into further detail stating the following:

Listen… Here is what I want to explain. It is OK for PSY & MNE to waggle our genitals/represent our labels without it being a direct conflict or diss to one another. In today’s music game it seems so hard for people to understand that! It’s like a child only allowing themselves to play with one friend and excluding the other potential friend. Why not have a bunch of friends/family? And the ones that destroy that vibe kick’em to the curb. @tweetmesohardmentioned about the DCG con on their Facebook page. And from what a friend of mine #kegan told me, he #robbruce & @icp had a positively impactful #psyradio show. None of them had to do any of that shit but they did. We have to get the ball rolling somewhere. So no I’m not signing with Psy or Twiztid ain’t resigning there or ICP signing to MNE. To all the Juggalos/Ninjas/Fans, This is how you do grown folk shit! Grown ass men doing grown ass men shit! #spreadthelove

For as long as I’ve known him, the R.O.C. has never been about any negativity or drama.  Kegan mentioned that R.O.C. even reached out to him prior to the Juggalo March to wish him the best of luck.  The same happened to me, and that seemed to be when tensions were at their highest.  Maybe this will be the catalyst to get both sides talking.

Let’s hear what you have to think about the statements from both sides.  Are you on board with starting this healing process to reunite the underground?

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