The 5th Anniversary Edition of Dark Carnival Tarot Set To Debut At DCG Con

The 5th anniversary edition of the Dark Carnival Tarot is set to debut at the 2nd annual Dark Carnival Games Convention.

The new deck will be available on the Dark Carnival Tarot Esty page ( shortly after the DCG Con.

Here is the press release:


The Dark Carnival Tarot 5th Anniversary Edition is HERE! Just in time for DCG Con, I’ve been given the golden opportunity to reflect on the wonderful adventures the Juggalo Family has shared together as a result of the past decade of existence of the amazing Dark Carnival Tarot Deck that was channeled through my hands so many years ago (5 years in the making and now celebrating 5 years in print). My heart is filled with gratitude to think of all the light and love the Dark Carnival Tarot has brought forth, from winning awards in the tarot world, to being inducted into the Museum of Tarot in Italy, to being subject to academic discourse and magazine articles, to inspiring the Lettes Respect movement and Bizarro World Tarot Tent at GOTJ, but most of all, above all else, touching the amazing hearts and minds of the beautiful Juggalo Souls who have crossed the path of our tarot tent. This new edition features the return of the ultra rare RED DECK, along with a radiant golden pouch that is blessed and hand-painted, and signed book that teaches the sacred art of tarot using joker card imagery, lyrics, and the Juggalo “languages (normal) people don’t understand.” Much love and appreciation go out to my collaborators, muses, and soulfriends Maia, Scottie D, Greazey, Angelica, Brooke, Rob and Psychopathic Records, and all the amazing readers and healers who have worked with and channeled the spirit of these magical cards to bring clarity, inspiration, love, and healing to Our World. With love and gratitude!!!!! See you in Denver at the DCG Con 

from Faygoluvers


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