Ouija Macc and DEATH+ Release “E” EP

The homie Ouija has surprised us yet again and dropped an unannounced collab EP with an artist who goes by DEATH+.  The EP is simply titled E, and consists of 4 tracks:

  1. Creepinhaagen
  2. Mixing Em Up
  3. Trailerpark Militia
  4. High Alert

You can stream the full EP here:

Ouija and DEATH+ actually released another EP titled R a few months ago as well. If you slept on that one, you can also stream that one:

Ouija’s Gutterwater drops just 3 weeks from today!  If you haven’t yet, get your pre-order on here: http://psychopathicmerch.com/catalogs/Ouija-Macc

from Faygoluvers


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