Ouija Announces “WATER DAMAGE [MIXTAPE]” for the Gathering

Ouija’s Gutterwater just dropped 4 days ago, and he’s already got a handful of other projects in the works!  We posted last night about the speculation for the next two albums (See That Here!).  And now, as of early this morning, Ouija announced that there would be a new mixtape called Water Damage available at this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos!

I don’t know if Ouija is sitting on a ton of unreleased music, or if he’s just that prolific.  Either way, in just about 7 weeks, we’ll get a chance to cop even more Ouija music at the Gathering!  Here’s the post from Twitter:

While we’re talking about Ouija, he also posted a suggestion on how to get stream revenues up by creating playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc and just keeping that shit on an infinite loop!  He asked that you do that, and when you wake up, post a screen shot of whatever track is playing.  Check that here:

From Ouija Macc’s Facebook:

Boost streams & play a game w/ me….

Get on Spotify or Apple Music or Tidal or whatever you stream with… create a playlist of all your fav Ouija Macc, Lyte, Hoodoo & ICP songs… play it from as many devices as you can on shuffle loop all night while you sleep….. even if the volume is all the way down to one line on the volume control (muted plays don’t register) then when you wake up, crank the volume up & let me know what song you woke up to. Psy Roster only. Lego!

Hit da comments with your wake up songs!!!! We gon twerk da system juggalos. Muahahaha!!!!

Check this one ninja totally schoolin’ it:

Click to visit the post!

If you want to partake in this, hit up THIS POST and post your “wake up song”!

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