Gathering 2018 Side Shows Announced

The 2018 Gathering of the Juggalos is creeping up on us quickly!  It’s already less than 2 months away, and details are steadily starting to drop!

Last night, put up info about 6 different side shows including Juggalo Show Live, Peep This Shit, Hooded Magician, and the one that I’m most curious about: The Big Money Hu$tla$ Extravaganza! You can see all of the details about them below.


The Juggalo Show Live

Live and in effect, it’s everybody’s favorite Juggalo webshow come to life in ultra supersonic 3D holographic vision but better—real life muthafuggah! Join your favorite hosts the Rude Boy, KG Kevin Gill, Jumpsteady, and Natalie the Ring Girl as they discuss the state of the union and all things Juggalo, with contests, extra special guests, and surprises right before your eyes. And the best part? The homie KG Kevin Gill isn’t stuck on a screen within a screen. Wooooaaaah dude. It’s the Juggalo Show LIVE as only GOTJ can bring. It’s about to get real up in here! Whoop whoop!

Peep This Shit Stage

Hey—hey ninja. Yea—hey. Come over here. Yeah, ninja. Psst. Aight. Listen closely. You ready? “PEEEEEEEEP THIS SHIIIIIIIT BIIIIOOOOYYYYTCCCHHH!” Say it loud and proud and wow the crowd, because this is your time to shine. We’re givin it up: a professional sound system, 2 mics, a super sound crew, and a stage at the heart of the Gathering—all for YOU! We can provide background jams or bring your own music as you freak it to untold levels for the fam. It’s the Gathering’s very own open stage and open mic. What’s missing? You and your crew, gettin hype! Be there.

The R-Rated Circus Sideshow

Come closer, my friend. Enter the mysterious folds of this circus tent and bear witness to the sights and sounds of delight and unthinkable feats as this merry band of wild sideshows, freakshows, strongmen, Juggalette Burlesque dancers, and spectacles school you from your head down to your…hey! It’s R-Rated. Keep that wholesome bullshit the fuck outta our circus tent. Cuz when this sideshow of circus geeks, carnies, and extra freaky deakey freaks hits the stage? Check nuts. It’s going down!

The Hooded Magician

Who is this mysterious, magical man? The one who captivates the crowd with his obscene and grotesque acts of spectacle and magic? Enter the realm of the sorcerer known only as the hooded one. Prepare to witness death-defying stunts and illusions that bend the mind and deceive the eyes. The very fabric of time bends to the will and whim of this cloaked madman, but be warned my friend, for this spectacle is not for the faint of heart or weak-minded. Dare to gaze upon the incantations and otherworldly powers of your host as the mystery unravels before your very eyes!

Freakshow Deluxe

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, make your way to the big top show as your host the good Reverent Tommy Gun, his lovely assistants, his high flying daring troupe of renegades and freaks, and…woah wait…WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? That quickly, your head gets cracked by the wig-splitting freshness of what can only be described as the straight-up killer carnie FREAKSHOW. See the geek pounding nails in his fucking forehead, oddities and horrifying sights, death defying feats, and all the weirdness you know and love. What would our Dark Carnival be without its very own freakshow? And when the Freakshow DELUXE is in the mix? Things are about to get SUPER weird.

The Sickening Skin Suspension Show

Imagine flying through the air, whisked away by acrobatic poise and grace. Feel yourself drift into peace and perfect balance with the wind through your hair and the sun on your face. The ground gives way and sends you sailing through the sky as time drifts away and inhibitions fall. You feel peaceful. At ease. Boundless. Except…there’s a giant footlong hook carved into your back. Not exactly pleasant, right? So how about this instead…Post up with a cup and enjoy the breeze stage side and let the real pro suspension artists do all the hard work for you. Seeing is believing. The human body will be pushed to the limit and all bets are off! Peep the madness if you dare. (Barf bags not included.)

The Big Money Hu$tlas Extravaganza

We’ve all seen the Juggalo classic Big Money Hu$tlas. But you you’ve never seen it like this before! Come join your hosts, the 618 Lost Ninja Clan and Vinnie Bonnaducci, in the air conditioned autograph tent, to watch the chaos ensue in this one-of-a-kind interactive cinema experience…Juggalo style! We’re talkin’ doughnuts, popcorn, and peanuts soaring thru the air. And NO that ain’t the shrooms creepin up on you—see the movie actually come to LIFE as our cast of fully costumed ninjas sneak up on you with shenanigans! Can you hit ApeBoy with a peanut? What about flinging a whole roll of toilet paper at that motherfucker Cactus Sac? Blow your kazoo to your heart’s content as a whole pack of ruthless ninjas Honk for Sugar in glorious unison! This cinemanic experience includes drinking games and a best-dressed contest. Seating IS Limited, so bring a lawn chair and come get your gift bags full of flavor while they last! And stick around for a double feature presentation of Ru$tlas right after the movie! HONK FOR SUGAR!

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