8 Worst Portrayals of Weed In Television Shows

The world of pop culture is full of depictions of people consuming weed. Some of them are fair and accurate, while others are overly exaggerated to the point of becoming ludicrous. While the archives of weed-related pop culture depictions is massive, we managed to dig up several particularly memorable portrayals of weed. In particular, we found some of the worst portrayals of weed in televisions shows, with some particularly bad commercials thrown in as well. As you’ll see, many of the worst portrayals of weed in television shows are so bad they actually end up becoming amazingly hilarious.

8. “Hotel Hell”

Watching Gordon Ramsay react to anything that makes him angry is always going to be entertaining. This clip depicts the hotel owner Ramsay is setting out to save as a hopeless stoner too busy getting high to run his business.

As is so often the case, chances seem pretty good that this is an easy and overly reductive explanation for why this guy’s business is failing. Blaming things on weed is an easy explanation, but it rarely actually gets at the root of the problem. One way or another, this show’s portrayal of weed makes for some entertaining Gordon Ramsay moments.

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