Tonight’s Juggalo Show is Postponed; Returns April 19th with Super Demo Jams!

For those of you who were looking forward to tonight’s edition of The Juggalo Show, we have some bad news for you.  They were scheduled to continue the Demo Jams contest to further the competition to see who gets a spot to perform at the Gathering of the Juggalos.  Unfortunately though, there are multiple ninjas who are under the weather, so they are delaying this episode until Thursday, April 19th.  Check the post about it below.

From ICP’s Facebook:

‪Due to multiple ninjas being under the weather, we must postpone this weeks Juggalo Show Til 2 weeks from tonight!‬

‪But have no fear! ‬
‪We will unleash the SUPER DEMO JAMS when we return. ‬

‪Whoop whoop!!!!! ‬

We at Faygoluvers hope that everyone who’s feeling shitty gets well soon!  Look for a new episode of the Juggalo Show coming on 4/19 at Psychopathic TV!

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