The Rip James Hip Hop Comedy Show Airs TONIGHT @ 5 PM CST

Our homie Bob Adams of the Scrub Care Unit reached out to me about something that he will be a part of starting Tonight at 5 PM CST.   It’s called the RIP James Hip Hop Comedy Show, and he has been invited to be the co-host!  This will be the very first show, and it’s scheduled for a full 5 hours (5 PM – 10 PM CST).

He sent me a message about it which you can see below.

Special invite to the Juggalo Family from SCU’s Bob Adams:

I want to invite you all to please tune in to the Rip James Hip Hop Comedy Show (link below). I have been blessed by being invited to be one of the show’s co-hosts and as this is our very first show I am asking that you please tune in, dial in, and enjoy our show.

Thursdays from 5 to 10 PM (cst)

Please share and help support our show!

Click the link below at 5pm CST and then click on the Rip James show for live streaming!!

Thank you and hope to hear from you guys!!
If you want a little Juggalo flavor in your life, tune in tonight by clicking right here!

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