Ouija Macc’s “Ghost” deserves to shine! [Editorial]

Saturday, September 16, 2017, with thousands of Juggalo’s standing around me in Washington D.C. (near the Lincoln Memorial) is when I first heard “Ghost”. Ouija’s exuberant  live performance during that historical day was downright astonishing! Lively and inspirational to say the least. But when “Ghost” hit, the track completely  caught me off guard.  I appreciated the laid back zoned-out style and the professional performance behind the single, but I still wasn’t sure what to make of the track that late afternoon in D.C.. Fast forward to over seven months later and “Ghost” is now  stuck on repeat continuously with my headphones on full blast. The die hard Juggalos seemed to be divided or confused on what their true thoughts are towards “Ghost” and I think that’s because  a large number of fans of the hatchet were expecting a straight punch-to-the-dome, knock- your-teeth-out, wicked shit, serial-killing slaughter type of banger (like Ouija during the Juggalo Love Psypher) for the Sin City emcee’s debut single. Not a slowed down smoke-a-blunt to type of single.  Yes, utterly unexpected, but that’s how music should be. An unexpected  surprise so that it sweeps you off your feet and successfully aims to leave you breathless. And that’s where “Ghost” shines darkly, catching listeners off guard in a good way, sorta like a hidden joyful surprise being discovered by a lost soul who only follows the path of darkness.  Imagine the digital single somehow wrapped in psychical gift wrap  as a surprise birthday gift for a friend. Your friend opens the weightless non-shaped gift and a massive burst of bright light emerges as if you were sitting right next to the sun, nearly blinding you and your friend. And that’s when the single starts playing. The music is quickly followed by thick black rain clouds that begin pouring down on you and your friend. An invisible force from the single erupts, knocking you and your pal face first in the dirt, battering and bruising you, but feeling more alive than ever! Now that’s one hell of a surprise and how much of a surprise punch Ouija packed when dropping “Ghost” upon the hip-hop world!

Is the fan theory true that Ouija is the long lost time traveling hippie son of Elton John who survived in the ghetto streets thanks to the motivational energy inside the  music of Nirvana and Lord Infamous?! Nah, couldn’t be.  But I’m sure the Nirvana/Lord Infamous inspiration is tho! Fan theories can become so wild at times. But truly  “Ghost” is a mellow eerie hippie goth induced hip-hop ear spectacle that is bound to leave more than a few first-time listeners grinning from ear to ear while they’re bumping the track in a pitched black room encircled by candles during the midnight hour to kill the gloom. The slow, melodic type bars from Mr. Macc expresses who he is as an artist, and fits the mellow trapped out atmosphere flawlessly, as its production is capable of putting your brain into a dream-like state allowing you to free your mind from the daily stress and bullshit.  This may be one those hidden musical gems that kicks off under appreciated at first within the underground scene, but then the next thing you know everyone is out and about bumping it religiously for days on end.  The scenes within the video bring forth a sinister Gothic flavor as if it were straight out of the 1990’s via Marilyn Manson or Nine Inch Nails. If that was the main goal behind the dark visuals, well what can I say other than ROTTEN CAKE captured the 90’s industrial cultural element superbly.  Frightfully beautiful, especially the  shots of  gothalicous beauty nibbling on Ouija’s ear (where it then swiftly switches to bloody teeth) and the close-up of Ouija leaned back in the car on the free-way. Both thoroughly mind-bending!  Jason Shaltz and Ouija Macc should always stick together like macncheese when it comes to producing high-quality music videos and the haunting visuals behind “Ghost” further proves this collaborative effectiveness!

Final thoughts: This is unquestionably one of those tracks that will grow on individuals after a few listens. One listen just simply isn’t enough to soak in this type of talent and be able to fully vibe off the lyrics. Ouija Macc’s creative  lyricalness lurks within the shadows of a full moon, waiting to pounce upon the next musical soul. Then BOOM, the lyrical content suddenly latches onto your headphones hellishly tight. Your headphones melting onto your ears from the hot freshness oozing out the plastic. The next thing the listener notices, “Ghost” just won’t leave their brain no matter what they do or try, as if somehow, someone uploaded the single directly into their cerebral cortex and embedded it within their minds to play continuously on repeat, as their thoughts drift away into wicket-shit land while gripping a Ouija board in the palms of their hands. Take another listen! Nuff said!

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