Hatchet Chat w/ MC Lars Ep. 5: Beverly Kills 50187

This is the 5th episode of the ICP history series, this one being a review of 1993’s “Beverly Kills 50187”. This week, MC Lars talk about the first of the ICP “sideshow” EPs, and as many of you may know, the spring of 1993 was a very weird time for music, which this EP reflects, as it also parodies one of the most popular TV shows of the era. Featuring production from Esham and Mike E. Clark, this project has some familiar-sounding ICP cadences, rhymes and samples, with our first references to the number “17” to a serious final song with an extended break. Check it out! 

Also – factual correction, in this video I mention that the album dropped on 7/7/93 when it actually was for sale in stores the following week. Wanted to make this clear.


from Faygoluvers


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