Dysmay – “No Filter”

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  1. No Filter
  2. Problems
  3. Between the Lines (feat. G-Tech, Subb & Tgt)
  4. Light It Up (feat. G-Tech & Kcandy)
  5. Switch Lanes (feat. Dirty White Boy)
  6. Goodbye
  7. Nasty Girl (feat. Subb & G-Tech)
  8. Barzz (feat. C-Losta, Dirty White Boy & D-Twist)
  9. Dream Chasers (feat. Tgt)
  10. This Life (feat. G-Tech)
  11. Fat Rabbit (feat. Dirty White Boy)
  12. No Justice No Peace
  13. Understand (feat. Ovadose913)
  14. Change (feat. Dirty White Boy)
  15. Fuck That Shit (feat. Butch Cassidy)
  16. Gettin’ to It
  17. DJ Turn It Up (feat. G-Tech)
  18. Pull up on the Scene (Remix) [feat. G-Tech & Dirty White Boy]
  19. Codeine Cups (feat. Kcandy & D-Twist)

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