Danny “K”A.E.’s Website Now Up! Early Albums Available Digitally For First Time Ever!

In today’s edition of “Things you didn’t know that you wanted to know”, suburban Detroit MC Danny “K”A.E. has just launched a website, and made his first two albums available for purchase digitally for the first time EVER!  We’re talking about 1987’s Destined For Hip Hop, and the combo EP from 1994: The Definitely Def EP/Messages From The Mastermind!

Getting Danny KAE’s original, and most influential works available for the masses has actually been a pet project of former Psychopathic Records publicist Jason Webber aka J-Webb!  He had this to say about Danny and these albums:

I want the world to realize that Danny KAE is a true outsider artist and reigns as the Tommy Wiseau of rap. By working with CD Baby, we can ensure that Danny finally gets paid directly for the years of joy and inspiration that he’s given to Midwest underground hip-hop culture. When you have ICP, Champtown, Eminem, Kid Rock, and Uncle Kracker all citing someone as an influence, that’s an artist that simply cannot be ignored.

You’ve seen some of your favorite artists mention him…now you can hear the music for yourself!

First, check out the all new website at DannyKAE.com!

You can pick up both albums for $9.99 each at the following links:

Click to purchase “Destined For Hip Hop”!


Click to purchase “The Definitely Def / Mastermind” Albums

On a side note, this isn’t J-Webb’s first experience with Mr. KAE.  He interviewed and wrote an article about him back in 2012 in the Detroit Metro Times.  You can see that RIGHT HERE.

He did want to point out that something about that article for those who take the time to read it:

I need to correct a mistake in this article that has gnawed at me for years. The correct spelling of the name of one of the artists mentioned in this article is DJ Butterfingaz. He also has gone by DJ Butteh Fingiz. Grammar counts, people.

If this is the first time you hear Danny KAE’s music, let us know what you think!

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