9 Prominent Women in The Legalization Movement

The marijuana industry is one of fastest growing sectors in the country. Not only is it set to create 300,000 jobs by 2020, but the marijuana industry also has potential to become one of the first major industries that equally represents women. From doctors to inventors, lawyers to activists, here are nine prominent women in the legalization movement.

1. Rachel Gillette, Attorney

9 Prominent Women in The Legalization Movement

Greenspoon Marder LLP

Colorado attorney Rachel Gillette works primarily in medical marijuana law and cannabis business licensing. Since 2010, Ms. Gillette has worked with Colorado-based marijuana businesses, specifically on issues involving taxation. She’s also the executive director of Colorado NORML and works with the NORML legal committee.

To date, Gillette is the only lawyer who has won a lawsuit against the IRS regarding cannabis business taxation. When a marijuana business paid their taxes in cash, the IRS fined them 10 percent. They sought out Gillette to sue the IRS.

As Gillette explained to Newsweek, “Most banks do not take marijuana business accounts, even in states where it is legal. They can’t afford the compliance cost.”

For this reason, her client had no choice but to pay their taxes in cash. Furthermore, Gillette’s victory against the IRS is the first of its kind in cannabis law.

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