Ticket and Merch Packages Available for UPStival 4!

In just under 3 months, our homie DurtE is putting on the 4th Annual UPStival!  It’s taking place in Gettysburg, PA, and while the lineup hasn’t officially been announced yet, you can bet that it’s gonna be the shit!  DurtE always brings his A-game, and that’s why this show continues to grow every year!

UPStival 4 happens on May 26th, and with any luck, I’ll be joining you out there!  You can keep up with details and RSVP via Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/200046377240832/

The most important part of this post though is the merch bundles that you will be able to pick up prior to the event!  We’re talking about everything from a $30.00 general admission ticket to the all out T-shirt, bag, USB lanyard, ticket, and beer pass!  What is the beer pass?  It allows you to have a lanyard with an All You Can Drink pass on it.  I asked DurtE to clarify what that meant, and if there are any stipulations.  He said that his “party math” is impeccable, and “I don’t run outta beer, bro!”  So if you make it out, make sure your liver is on its A game!

Here are the current packages offered:

All packages also come with a 10% Off Coupon for Three Hogs BBQ which will host a post-UPStival lunch the day after (May 27th).  We’ll bring you more details as soon as they become available!

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