ICP’s SlamFest Tour Reviewed by BahMagz.com

After more than a quarter century of making music, the Insane Clown Posse are still attracting new fans…if they are given a chance.  A journalist from BahMagz.com attended her first ICP show when the Slamfest Tour rolled through North Carolina a few days ago.  She had nothing but great things to say about Juggalos in general, and was helplessly drawn to the stage when Faygo Armageddon began.  You can check out the full review below.

From BahMagz.com:

If you have ever been curious what it would be like to attend an Insane Clown Posse concert then you are in for a treat. I, CoentheButcher am here to tell you the tale of my very first ICP experience. A recently opened venue in Asheville, North Carolina called the Salvage Station hosted a crowd of Juggalos, Juggalettes, and metal heads for one wild evening. The SLAMFEST tour featuring ICP and Attila was a “gathering” if you will, for fans to enjoy each other’s company and to soak their souls in FAYGO!
The vibe inside the venue was one I have never felt before. I have heard so many stories and known so many fans who have felt the family atmosphere at one of their shows but experiencing it yourself is entirely different. That evening I met the friendliest, most respectful show goers ever. Everyone was just happy to be there, happy to be in a room full of people that genuinely understand them.
Atilla killed their set as usual. They had the crowd amped up, jumping and singing all over the place. There was a perfect amount of electricity in the air for the anticipation of ICP’s stage arrival to send shivers down your spine. They made us wait for what seemed like forever but once the curtain dropped and I saw with my own eyes Violent Jay and Shaggy waiting to drench the crowd in their infamous sticky drink, it was all worth it. Everyone in the Salvage Station that evening sang along to every song, everyone took care of one another, and everyone that evening was family.
As their last song “Bang! Pow! Boom!” played the crowd rushed the stage. Grabbing their own 2 liters of Faygo, spraying each other, spraying the crowd, and living the fuckin dream man. As my brain resisted, I couldn’t control my body. Myself and a friend ran to the front. Courteous Juggalos helped us onto the stage and we danced and danced.
Walking out of the venue, I was a sticky mess and I could not have been happier about it. If the opportunity ever arises, GO SEE THEM. It is an incredibly fun whether you are a life time fan or not.
FUN FACT: WWE Diva Paige is currently dating Attila bass player Kalan Blehm. Since her recent injury has kept her out of the ring, she decided to spend some time on the road with her loving bo. Her attendance at SLAMFEST Tour at the Salvage Station on March 11th was her last night living the rock star life. She was back to work the next day.
Make sure that you go check out the article for a full photo gallery as well!

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