Devin Seviyn Seeking Juggalo Contributors for HorrorTube Platform

We got hit up by a ninja named Devin Seviyn who is a contributor to an up and coming online horror network called HorrorTube.  They are in the process of having a professional site made.

In the meantime, he records audio of himself narrating stories.  He is asking for Juggalos to submit stories, either fictional or true, about creepy or terrifying experiences to be narrated by him and uploaded to a Youtube channel.

Stories should be submitted via email to

Contributors should send either a typed or voice recorded MP3 of their stories, and remember to give him permission to use the material on their platform.

You can also submit your music, and it will be credited as well.

Devin said Juggalos have helped him out through some tough times in life, and that hopefully this is a way he can do his part to give back to this community that we hold so near and dear.

from Faygoluvers


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