Bloodstepp Releases Best Of Album

Bloodstepp has released a best of album simply entitled, “The Best of Bloodstepp.”

The album is currently available on Google Play. You can purchase it by CLICKING HERE. It will be available on other digital media stores soon.

Here is the tracklist:

1. The Chainsaw Underworld
2. Time to Eat (feat. Liquid Assassin)
3. Putcha Hands Up (feat. Skatterman)
4. Fuck You Up (feat. KidCrusher)
5. Bloody Lemonade (feat. Chop Shop)
6. Pinball Wizzard
7. Meditation Obliteration (feat. Jarren Benton)
8. Underground MVP (feat. Big Hoodoo, Spice 1, Axe Murder Boyz, DJ Clay, KidCrusher & Zug Izland)
9. Transform (feat. Madchild)
10. Grand Theft Audio
11. Skinwalker Ranch (feat. Killa C & Razakel)
12. Australian Alien (feat. KidCrusher)
13. Crop Circles in My Backyard (feat. Mr. Grey)
14. Transform, Pt. 2 (feat. Canibus)
15. Killer Bass from Outer Space (feat. KidCrusher)
16. The Delivery (feat. Miilkbone & Denno)
17. Warlox (feat. Jahred Gomes & Chris Rand)

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