AshVegas Reviews ICP’s Slamfest Tour Stop in North Carolina

A journalist named Caleb Calhoun, who is admittedly not a Juggalo, attended his first Insane Clown Posse show Sunday night in Asheville, North Carolina.  Caleb said that while one of the openers (Lil Toenail) made him want to leave the show, he stuck around and ended up mingling with Juggalos and Juggalettes to find out what we were truly about.  In the end, it sounds like a great time was had.  Check this excerpt from the review:


There are hippies with dreads and Juggalos with face paint. There are metal heads and there are fans of rap and hip-hop. There are men and women and trans and queer and straight and gay and bi and black and white and Latino. There are new friends, old friends, lovers and dreamers and workers and taxpayers and non-taxpayers and weed smokers and teetotalers, and Christians and atheists and satanists. Some let their freak flags fly all the time. Some have to be at the office tomorrow at 9 a.m.

But most of all, in this moment, in this space, there is a community. It’s a group of people that don’t give a shit whether you wear a dress, some face paint or a suit. Most of all there is love, love without judgement, love without reservation. There is acceptance, and a sense of peace that only comes from the opportunity to legally elbow someone else in the back as hard as you can.

There is truth and there is beauty, for as Donne taught us, the two are inseparable, and for these fans, in this room right now, this is about as honest as you can get.

Read the review in its entirety here:

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