The 3rd Annual FLH Music Awards Ceremony is HERE! [View It Now!]

Holy fuckin’ shit Juggalos and Juggalettes!  It’s been a LONG time coming, and for that, we sincerely apologize!   In between all of this 17in last year, getting trophies made and shipped, waiting on responses, and then letting Doenut (our video editor) put his magical spin on it, it has literally taken until a month into 2018 to get this out.

Do NOT let this deter you from checking it out though!  This is BY FAR the freshest awards ceremony yet, and all thanks to Doenut who has really stepped up his game!

By clicking PLAY, you’ll see who won last year’s:

  • EP Of The Year
  • Mixtape Of The Year
  • Non-Musical Juggalo Entertainer of the Year
  • Rock/Metal Album Of The Year
  • Graphic Artist Of The Year
  • Breakout Artist Of The Year
  • Hip-Hop Album Of The Year
  • Tour Of The Year
  • Horrorcore Album Of The Year
  • Music Video Of The Year
  • Underground Album Of The Year

Now, check it out below!

Our nominees for the 4th Annual Faygoluvers Music Awards will be going up in a matter of days!  Be on the lookout!

For more info on everyone involved in making this happen, click the links below:

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