Scrub Care Unit teams up with Detroit Action Commonwealth to fight Homelessness in Detroit

Our good homies from the Scrub Care Unit aren’t JUST around at the Gathering.  They are a charitable organization that helps ninjas on hard times year round!

Today, I received an email from Bob of the SCU who wants to announce that they have teamed up with the Detroit Action Commonwealth to help the homeless population in Detroit.  He sent a lot of info to sink your teeth into, but just know that they are looking for either monetary or physical donations that could benefit those who need it most.  Check out the write-up and info below.

Detroit’s Homeless Need Your Help!

Family, Scrub Care Unit (SCU) has recently found out about and is now partnering with the Detroit Action Commonwealth (DAC), whose mission as “… a nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) membership organization that develops individual and collective power to challenge root causes of poverty, homelessness, and injustice.” – Basically, this group of Detroit ninjas are working everyday to a) help identify the vast Detroit homeless population (estimated between 18,000 and 20,000 poor souls – 25% are cildren!); b) provide various form of basic necessities, from food to warmth to clothing to advocating on their behalf to help make it easier to get back on their feet; and c) emergency help and support during harder times, such as this year’s winter (they have already lost 7 souls this winter alone due to extreme winter weather, heavy rains/flooding and repeat freezing conditions).  This winter has been horrible and the homeless have taken the brunt of it!

Please, take a few moments to look this wonderful group up at

What’s this got to do with me?, you might ask…

Well, as all Juggalo’s know, Detroit is the birthplace of our collective family – it’s the heart of what it means to be “Juggalo”… if there is any place that represents living the ‘scrub life’, it’s Detroit… The city and its people have been rocked by DECADES of political and business decisions that have left the city mostly poor and wounded – many barely getting by and TOO MANY with nothing. This is where folks like the DAC and YOU (yes, you…) come in. You can make a huge difference and as a family, we can all take a small amount of time and effort to help with one of our nation’s hardest hit cities due to lack of jobs, education, and all-around benefits many of us all enjoy, as we live in areas that have more employment and educational opportunities. What the DAC (and SCU) is asking of you would take a small amount of time and energy on each of you but, as a collective whole (family) we can start to make a difference in Detroit!

Ok Bob, I get it. Help is needed – what can I do?

First – consider making ANY donation of money that you can afford…from a simple dollar to a five-spot…or maybe (for those of you that can afford it) a hundred bucks sent over to their PayPal. This can be done by sending to: – Every dollar goes to helping to feed or provide various services to the homeless, all of which is used to help!

Second – Send anything you have that you’re not using, the homeless pretty much need everything that most all of us take for granted. Items I’m talking about include the following:

  • Clothing of all kinds, yes even used underwear and socks (wash it first, please…)
  • Shoes – any kind/size
  • Hygiene products of any kind (soap, hand wash, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste/mouthwash, ect…)
  • Bath towels/wash clothes
  • Plastic bags/plastic of any kind (Homeless use this simple material to trap body heat/keep out freezing rain and the wet the comes with winter in Detroit).
  • Blankets
  • Diapers/baby supplies of every kind (a very large portion of the homeless are with children or single parents barely able to provide the daily needs our children need)
  • Gift cards to Wal-Mart or any other store that can be used by the DAC to purchase any of the above items as identified on case-by-case needs.
  • Old books/comics/educational materials you might have laying around

Reach out to all our artists in the Juggalo/Underground family and ask them to also support by donating or consider a fundraising concert.

You get the gist…When I said “everything” above, I wasn’t shitting ya…


Please mail any items to:

Brandi Weatherholtz

3658 Preston St.

Detroit, MI 48207


Ok, I get it…I’ll look around and send what I can, but what is SCU doing/going to do?

SCU will be working with the DAC throughout the year(s) to come and will be conducting various outreach/fundraising activities to benefit the Detroit homeless and help ease the unbelievable burden they have fostered and are working to remedy – as best as any group can facing the level of homeless problem in Detroit. Additionally, thru the year, SCU will run various ideas/attempts to provide what we are able and maintain awareness back to you – our Juggalo family. Additionally, we will be reaching out to national/international companies in attempt to obtain supplies and products in bulk to help where possible.

What if I have questions about any of this OR an idea that might help:

Please feel free to reach out to Brandi at She is not only a fellow Juggalo, but also one of the secretaries/volunteer with the DAC.

Please, family, do not ignore this request. Homelessness knows no boundaries, skin colors, religions, or political beliefs. It is a problem that can impact ANY of us at ANY time! It could be you, your mom/dad, brother/sister, or any loved one in your life that could end up on the street tomorrow due to a poor choice, mishap, mental illness or loss of job…  Please, do not be apathetic to this request – help us make a difference in Detroit!

Thank you Family – Much love and Whoop Whoop!!

Bob Adams

Scrub Care Unit

from Faygoluvers


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