Psychopathic Records Releasing “Hurricane of Diamonds” CD Featuring THREE new ICP tracks

Violent J took to twitter last night to announce some major freshness set to be released!

Psychopathic is going to release a 17 track album entitled, Hurricane of Diamonds! This album will feature 3 unheard Insane Clown Posse tracks, Also, it will featured the tracks for every music video Psychopathic  released in 2017.

The album will be available for purchase on the upcoming Slam Fest tour. It will also be available on Psychopathic Merch in a couple weeks.

Here are the tweets that were posted on ICP’s twitter account last night.

From ICP’s Twitter:

The unreleased, unavailable anywhere else on the entire planet for two more weeks “Hurricane of Diamonds!” CD! This has 3 brand new, never heard before ICP joints! Plus the song for every music video Psychopathic Records dropped in 2017!

We’re talkin 17 tracks in all and like 13 never been on CD!

This magnificent CD will be available in 2 weeks on Psychopathic Merch & on the Mighty Slam Fest Tour with Attila and Cage!

Here are the tweets:

from Faygoluvers


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