Metaphorical Wisdom: An Interview with Crossworm

In an over-saturated music industry, fans of music containing  real structure are persistently being cornered to focus on faux recording artists that are single-handedly being manufactured by big record executives to make a quick buck and be forgotten after their quick twenty minutes of fame has run oute. Like east-coast hip-hop legend R.A. The Rugged Man said,”I know in this era of celebrity buffoon culture the mainstream outlets don’t want to give true artistry any shine. But there are so many incredible young spitters killing it right now, they’re just being ignored, that’s why when you hear some real shit you gotta go support it!” One of those artists being ignored by the mainstream is the tremendously talented Dirtcore reverend Crossworm! The supporters behind the Dirtcore movement have the back of this Grand Rapids, Michigan Canadian import for life and continue to grow, spreading rapidly like an Ebola outbreak to get the word out on how dope the worm really is. And now the Windsor, Ontario immigrant drops his first music video, defining a newly professional standard for how unsigned DIY indies need to deliver a debut video in terms of quality. The message behind the lyrical authors addictively aggressive track “Beg” packs a mighty punch straight to the guts of mainstream record executives across the globe so hard, they’ll be jumping from the windows of their mansions as if the stock market crashed again like the Great Depression.

A Faygoluvers Q&A With Crossworm

Andy Miller of Orange Cap Pictures flawlessly captures the masked self-produced frontman in pure raw form, creating a music video so visually stunning, fans and casual viewers alike will be replaying the video repeatedly until their bosses call wondering why they weren’t at work. Andy Miller and industrial hop frequency mesh together like peanut butter and jelly for a quintessentially thrilling video.  It simply proves that Andy Miller and Crossworm know how to successfully create satisfying art in music video format for the starving musical masses looking for authentic talent to fill their musical needs.

*SPOILER ALERT* For those who are unfamiliar with Crossworm’s music, you may not realize how clever of a genius the murder mitten artist truly is, and might falsely think the visuals behind “Beg” is just a thug trying to get loot from a hostage situation. THIS IS NOT THAT AT ALL! The female actor confined within “Beg” is the legacy of Crossworm and represents the embodiment of Dirtcore. Crossworm is barricaded within an abandoned building on a phone negotiating with a record label mogul and threatening to eradicate his very own legacy as a big middle finger to screw over the label on a poor contract.

The whole meaning behind this hypothetical situation Andy Miller filmed is a warning shot (hence the sniper preparing for an attack because there is a possible threat against his own life) to record executives who might be out to screw over artists for profit with the mentality of “I will sink my ship just to sink you if I have to! Don’t mess with the musician!”  This is a strong nod to all the artists who’ve felt ensnared and controlled in certain circumstances they’ve wanted to be free of.  So to all the newbie music creators who’ve been approached by major A&R record executives, watch this motivational musical mini film piece and make sure to read through your contract thoroughly before signing your life away. Andy Miller and Crossworm should be proud of themselves for creating such a monumental music video masterpiece with a deep compelling message that promises to have other artists looking over their craft more seriously.

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