Merch and Other Flavor from Astronomicon!

So we got to the airport in Dallas, Texas today, and kept up with our flight status up until the minute we were boarding.  No delays until the last minute when they pushed us back a half hour, but not too bad for there basically being a blizzard in Detroit.  Fast forward a bit later and we are Astronomicon-bound!  We are in the air 30-40 minutes out, and the pilot jumps on the intercom and lets us know that the flight has been CANCELED (??!?!) while we are mid-air, and has to turn around to head back to Dallas.  Fuck.

So that’s my bone for the weekend.  No rescheduled flights until Sunday afternoon, so I’ve gotta sit here and take in Astronomicon and the Be My Bloody Valentine show from home.

But that’s not to say that Faygoluvers isn’t still on the scene!  We’ve got a handful of ninjas there who will be taking pictures, conducting interviews, live streaming, and more!

Our homie Vinnie The ICP Kid went to check out the flavor happening and managed to snag some pics from the convention!  I know that there are a bunch of ninjas curious to see what merch looks like, so let’s start with that:

Astronomicon Merch:

Jamie Madrox even has some flavor from his personal collection posted for sale:

Jamie Madrox Items For Sale:

And finally, here’s a random piece of flavor with Ryan Hurst talking to Kevin Nash with Scott Hall chilling close-by:

Click to enlarge!

For up-to-the-minute coverage, follow the Faygoluvers Facebook Page and keep your eyes peeled right here to!

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