King Gordy of LARS Interviewed about Horrorcore, ICP, MNE, more!

There’s a podcast simply titled Jon’s Untitled Podcast that got to have a 45 minute conversation with the one and only King Gordy about a number of different topics!  He spoke on the state of Horrorcore, gave his own personal opinion on what Psychopathic and Insane Clown Posse should have done with Twiztid, and what you can expect from the Last American Rock Stars album coming out on February 16th.

Here’s a short description of the episode:

My guest this week is legendary horror core rapper King Gordy.

King Gordy has long since made a name for himself in the underground hip hop scene, “the king of horrocore” to some.

King Gordy has teamed with Bizarre of D12 fame to create a new project called Last American Rockstars, or LARS for short.

King Gordy and I get into what inspires his controversial lyrics, as well as the concept for LARS itself. We also talk about what happened to the rockstars of the world, and how the hip hop scene has produced the new rockstars.

LARS debut album, Last American Rock Stars, comes out 2/16 via Majik Ninja Entertainment.

Now, check the full episode below:

You can hear his thoughts on the Twiztid/ICP portion at around the 25 minute mark.

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